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RIDEN International Corporation Theatrical and Non-theatrical  Film Exhibition and Distribution

We distribute 35mm and digital film entertainment for theatrical and non-theatrical applications in specific, limited international territories.

Copyright holders generally have exclusive contractual representation through agents or licensees for their entertainment product in virtually every territory and application in the world. Occasionally, however, there are unique situations for theatrical or non-theatrical exhibition where we can service the client either directly, or indirectly by acting as a broker, or in a consultant capacity.

20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Sony Classics  and Fox Searchlight are the four major studios we represent in selected territories via our association with Global Eagle Entertainment.  Click on the above logo links or names to see some of the current releases and product inventory from these studios. Entertainment product from other studios and independent producers is also available.

RIDEN also occasionally works with associate companies in the supply and installation of 35mm theaters and mini digital theaters. We will be happy to discuss any of these type of projects with you based upon your specific objectives and requirements.

Our theatrical film exhibition is a very unique and specialized segment of our business. Please contact us to discuss any film exhibition project where you think we might be of service.